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The Glass Menagerie - Reviews

Kimberley Shaw in Stage Whispers:

"An interesting experiment that gives us pause for thought and throws new ideas on a familiar and much-loved text. A good choice for those who really like to think about theatre and style..."

Lucy Eyre in Theatrepeople:

 "...the commitment of all involved created a seamless production that was refreshing.

Myles Wright’s haunting sound design, particularly the main theme composed by Wright, is beautifully poignant and wistful..."

Gordon the Optom in WA Theatre Reviews and Database:

"...The chemistry between all the actors was impeccable...

"As expected from GRADS, this play is top quality, powerful and outspoken, yet sensitively handled.
This is a ‘must see’ production of a modern international masterpiece..."

Photographs by Myles Wright

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