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The Normal Heart starts Thursday 2nd November at the Actor's Hub - book now!

Grads' production of The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer, directed by Barry Park, opens at the Actors Hub in Northbridge this Thursday. Book now...

Tickets available at

📅 2-18 November 2023
📌 The Actors Hub, 129 Kensington Street, East Perth WA

In 1981, a mysterious and deadly disease began to ravage the gay community in New York City. No one knew what it was, how it spread, or how to stop it. The government ignored it, the media silenced it, and the public feared it.
But one man refused to let it go. Larry Kramer, a writer and activist, founded the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, the first organization to fight for the rights and lives of people with AIDS. He also wrote The Normal Heart, a powerful and passionate play that tells his own story of love, loss, and courage in the face of a global pandemic.
The Normal Heart is more than just a play. It is a historical document, a political statement, and a personal testimony. It is a cry for justice, a call for action, and a reminder of hope...

Othello at the New Fortune Theatre - December 2023 - book now

Book now!

6-9 & 14-16 December 2023

New Fortune Theatre, University of Western Australia

Othello is a Moorish military commander, serving as a Venetian general who has just married his love, Desdemona, in secret and against the wishes of her mother. They have been posted to Cyprus, with the recently promoted Cassio. However, Iago, ensign to Othello, is furious about being overlooked for promotion, jealous of Othello’s position and is determined to change his fortunes, no matter who gets caught up in the process. A play about passion and jealousy, this will be the first time GRADS has produced this tragedy.

Due to its enduring themes of passion, jealousy, and race, Othello is still topical and popular and is widely performed, with numerous adaptations.

GRADS is proud to be performing this classic tragedy in the open-air of the New Fortune Theatre

The Normal Heart, directed by Barry Park - coming in November 2023 - book now!

Book now!

Thursday 2 November 2023 - Saturday 18 November 2023

The Actors Hub

129 Kensington Street, EAST PERTH WA 6004

The Normal Heart, by Larry Kramer, is a searing drama about public and private indifference to the AIDS plague and one man's lonely fight to awaken the world to the crisis. Produced to acclaim in New York, London and Los Angeles, The Normal Heart follows Ned Weeks, a gay activist enraged at the indifference of public officials and the gay community. While trying to save the world from itself, he confronts the personal toll of AIDS. 

An early rehearsal shot of Zane Alexander and Steven Hounsome as Ned Weeks and Felix Turner in the forthcoming GRADS production of Larry Kramer's searing drama THE NORMAL HEART. Book now at

CAUTION: Strong Language, Intense Adult Themes

Richard III - March 8-18, 2023 - Reviews & Photos


"The Graduate Dramatic Society presents Western Australia’s first performance of Shakespeare’s Richard III in many years. This tragedy is well presented and performed in the atmospheric venue of the New Fortune Theatre, an outdoor venue with similar dimensions to Shakespeare’s own theatre..." See full review

"NEW Fortune Theatre’s production of William Shakespeare’s Richard III is a dark yet entertaining tour de force that yokes the great bard into a contemporary context. The production assembles a talented cast from The Graduate Dramatic Society of WA to deliver a contemporary take on Shakespeare’s most reviled villain, Richard III of Gloucester..." See full review


French Without Tears - review & photos - book now!

Be sure not to miss Terence Rattigan's FRENCH WITHOUT TEARS - closes on 16th July 2022

"The French accents and pronunciation by every cast member were outstanding, especially Geoffrey who had most of his script in French which he delivered with French hand movements and mannerisms. Jess could be a fire hazard in the dry season – she was hot. No man was safe.

"The costumes by Merri Ford capture the 1930s perfectly but is the outfits for the wild Students’ Ball that bring the smiles.

"In only her second major show, international swimming champion Marie-Ève Cigna proved she never tackles anything half-heartedly. Kaitlyn was often the calm in the storm, stoically carrying a tray through the fray. Kane was delightful as the poor innocent student desperate to learn – everything.

"From wild Brian to the temperamental Hon. Alan, then from the enigmatic Commander to Diana’s brother Kenneth. The characters were clearly defined by the experienced, dedicated director Barry Parks. As Rattigan shuffles all his characters, putting them in every possible combination, it takes strong direction and fine acting skills to ensure that the action is understood. Great chemistry and well-presented fun..."

Gordon the Optom

Photography by Myles Wright

Costumes by Merri Ford